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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Acetate, Glitter, Mica...Oh My!

This card is so sparkly and pretty in person!  You get a dramatic effect using glitter, mica and gold leaf on acetate and it's not really that hard.  Just take your time and enjoy the process.  So here is your tutorial!!!!

1.  Stamp Apricot Plum by Stampendous... of course, on acetate with black Stazon. Be careful when stamping, the acetate can be slippery so don't let your stamp slip.
2.  When dry flip over and apply a Fran's Sticky Panel. 
3.  Place acetate piece on a light table with the stamped side down.  Use an exacto knife to lightly cut the Fran's Sticky Panel liner paper from the Apricot Plums only and remove the liner from the fruit.
4. Apply varigated gold leaf and burnish.
5.  Using the light table again cut out the leaves, remove the liner and apply Emerald Ultra Fine Jewel Glitter, rub in and shake off.  Put the excess glitter back into the bottle.
6.  Now for the last of the cutting, cut out that little branch, apply Copper Ultra Fine Jewel Glitter.

7.  Remove the remaining carrier and sprinkle with some Pearlized Mica Fragments then sprinkle on Blue Ultra Fine Pastel Glitter, rub in and shake off excess to put back into the bottle. Now sprinkle on  Royal Ultra Fine Jewel Glitter over the Blue Pastel, rub in and it will stick to just a few areas and shake off.
8.  Layer onto a black panel, decorative paper and onto a black card.
9.  Print out the sentiment which is a Stampendous Digital Download, sponge with peach ink, layer onto black paper and apply stick on pearls.
10.  Add light blue ribbon to the bottom by glueing the folds using Beacon 3 in 1 glue. Apply stick on pearls to the ribbon and to the right side of the card.


Stampendous said...

This is gorgeous, Jamie! What a terrific effect, and so simple to achieve! Thanks so much for sharing!

Gita said...

Gorgeous! Love the effect the gold leaf creates on the apricots!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Jamie, your card is absolutely stunning! I don't have a light table so need to think of a different way of adopting your technique... food for thought for me! :)