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Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday

Here's a birthday card I made, you can never have too many of these! I stamped the background with a clear set from Stampendous so I could line up the stripes pretty easily. The images are watercolored with watercolor pencils (I love them). The stickers are also by Stampendous.
Boy has it been raining here in not so sunny Southern California! This week we had double the rain that we had all of last year, hopefully that will mean no drought this summer :)
I have a question for all you stampers, my neighbors 16 year old dog died yesterday, do I make a dog sympathy card or is that a little creepy? I just got my Hero Arts order and I got their really cute dog clear set. The only thing is all of the dogs look so happy. Please let me know what you think.


Laurel said...

Those are pretty colors.

Kanani said...

Cute card. The watercolor penciling looks great!

I'm probably the wrong person to ask about the dog card....If you know them well, then I say yes, send them a card. However, I would make them a nice "sorry to hear..." card, and not do the "happy dog". But that's just me.

Scrapping Donna said...

Great card. I love the colours!

I would do a sympathy card but I would put a flower or something on the front, not a stamp of a dog.

Thanks for visiting my blog...to answer your question..yes we have to dress in winter coats and boots where I live in January and February. The high yesterday was minus 2.

Toni said...

Oh gosh yes, a dog sympathy card! My dog got out of the yard over a year ago and was forever gone, but I ACHED ... a card would've been a real kindness.

Carolina said...

What an adorable card - I love cupcake themed cards and this one is just too cute, from the colors to the layout...all of it!

I also wanted to introduce myself, my name is Carolina and I'm one of your SBS11 sister and a Californian as well - Northern California and I'm with you about this rain...we're so not used to this at all - LOL!

On the sympathy card, I think I agree with the others who've left comments, probably go with a flower or some other image and not the dog.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you! Have a great day!

Cheers, Carolina

Janine said...

Hi there.. Love these images and the card... Yes do the sympathy card but not a happy dog... if you have a dog stamp of one that is curled up etc.. that might be ok but not cartoonish or happy....

Juliann said...

Love your card! I have some of those little stickers as well and they are great aren't they, they just add just a little bing!

I think a sympathy card would be very kind! Pets are our families too and I know that I would be so touch if I had just lost my pet!

Lynn said...

This is a really sweet card!