Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Big Move

We have just moved to Oklahoma from Southern California and what a big change it is.  Never would I have thought I would move away from where I was born and raised!  My husbands job got transfered and we had to go where the job was, so we packed up the house, kids and my mom and here we are!  I think we will really enjoy it, the people seem very nice and the pace of life is just to meet people.
My stamp room is all in boxes and the moving company smashed two of my book shelves.  I'm hoping to find room for all of my stuff...maybe I should start stamping and use some of it up, that would take care of the problem lol.
I hope all of my stamping friends are doing well, I will stop by your blogs and check on you.


Pam Hornschu said...

Yeah! She blogged! Now get that stamping room completed. I'll send you some fun stuff to play with when you get it ready. Are there any local stores for you to meet new stamping buddies at?

Jamie Martin said...

So far I have found one, I stopped by and asked if they had a stamp club that meets there and she said no but said I could start I'm thinking about it :)

Lynne said...

Your new house is beautiful. I am sure you will make friends quickly.
It is a new chance to set up your crafts room the way you want it. New bookcases are easy to find. Hope that was the only damage in your move.